Renaissance capital allows trading of all main currency pairs on MOEX FX, EBS and internal FX order book.


Renaissance Capital provides direct market access to the most liquid section of Moscow Exchange. We allow our customers to trade all available instruments and currency pairs.
As additional service, clients can balance their risk between the derivatives and FX markets of Moscow Exchange. It provides additional opportunity to manage margin requirement by netting collateral posted for counter positions. As result, client may decrease the collateral used for trading by 2 times. Detailed information can be found on the following link


The award-winning EBS Market platform has been at the heart of the FX market for more than twenty years, and remains the benchmark for the professional FX trading community.
Renaissance Securities (Cyprus) Limited provides access to EBS FX Market platform including full infrastructure set up and low latency access. We developed a wide range of technical solutions which could satisfy any client interested in EBS Market.

Internal FX order book

For our most sophisticated clients, we are able to provide a unique instrument for Ruble/Dollar hedging and treasury management. This product is the most in-demand among MOEX-LSE and Index arbitrageurs.
Main advantages:

  • Part of unified account system
  • Tight spread close to level of MOEX FX
  • Stable and high liquidity provided by RenCap’s market-maker desk
  • Main currency pairs: USDRUB, EURUSD, EURRUB, GBPUSD
  • T0, T+1 and T+2 mode
  • Fast connection to the matching engine (up to 500 mcs)
  • Low margin requirements
  • 1 USD minimum low size
  • Connectivity: FIX or Quik

USD settlement of local stocks with automated FX conversion

Following the needs of our international customers, Renaissance Capital allows to settle Russian local stocks in USD to any external custodian.
The execution is done on a fill-by-fill basis with MOEX FX rate.