Connecting via FIX, clients are able to trade directly on the Moscow Exchange and other venues using Renaissance Capital dedicated electronic client infrastructure. Our execution-only service allows international clients to trade on MOEX without holding any collateral with a broker, with subsequent DVP settlement in the National Settlement Depository or Euroclear to a preferred custodian.

As a further enhancement to the service, we integrated a unique auto-FX conversion solution from rubles into US dollars on a fill-by-fill basis. This option allows our customers to settle their trades in either rubles or dollars. This feature of our execution-only service should enable our clients to better manage their FX risks and save significant costs on conversion.

Renaissance Capital internal technical support team monitors client connectivity, internal risk system, networks and exchange order servers to ensure continuous service to our clients enabling them to focus on their execution performance. Our execution platforms support clients trading from 50 orders per day to tens of thousands of trades. We are very focused on providing all our clients with the lowest possible latency and with the highest levels of reliability and customer support.